domingo, 15 de abril de 2018


This year for the first time the I.E.S Matarraña has participated in an Oral Reading Competetion organized by the Government of Aragón. Our school participated in English and in Catalán.
On Thursday 12 April, six girls of 1º ESO travelled to Fraga with two of their teachers, Pepa Nogués (their Catalán teacher) and Ana Estopiñá (one of their English teachers), for the competition. 
Ana Tarzán, Tessa Leiva and Lorena Mircea participated in English and Roser Aragonés, Anna Samper and Romina Gómez participated in Catalán. 
The girls really enjoyed the experience and felt very happy for representing their school in the competetion. 

Thanks to all the members of the English Department (Iñaki, Mary, Silvia, Adriana y Ana) for your help in the training and support!!! 

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