domingo, 13 de mayo de 2018

Friday 11th May

We just spent the last morning playing in the beach (oh, sunny daaaayyyy!!!)... and the students got their certificate to prove they successfully achieved the English Week...

We finally took a group picture before getting on the bus, back home,

We arrived safe and sound and will never forget this wonderful week.  
Thanks students for making it easy for us.
Your teachers, José Carlos and Iñaki

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2018

Thursday 10th May

Warming up in the morning to prepare tonight dances...

Adventure camp in the afternoon to gain self confidence!!

And Show Time in the evening to finish the day and the week...

miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Wednesday 9th May

Blind dates with the experts Stephen and Conor explaining ...

... to a very attentive audience.

Wedding time by  Miriam and Clara

We had a light  rain shower in the afternoon, so that means good luck, doesn't it?

martes, 8 de mayo de 2018



were waiting to IES MATARRAÑA 2º ESO students.

Sunday 6th May: arrived by 8.30 pm to be welcomed by Elias M. Bradshaw and his useful advices.
Clara, Stephen, Miriam, Sarah and Conor will be our counsellors this week.

Monday 7th May: Water sports in the morning ...

Introduction, tour and games in the afternoon, just before a heavy storm...

Tuesday 8th May:
PROJECT: The trip of my dreams ....

and pool, ... swimming poollll

Train, horse riding and orienteering in the afternoon ...

Happy, wet, tired, waiting for another fun, camp day!!!
To be continued...

domingo, 15 de abril de 2018


This year for the first time the I.E.S Matarraña has participated in an Oral Reading Competetion organized by the Government of Aragón. Our school participated in English and in Catalán.
On Thursday 12 April, six girls of 1º ESO travelled to Fraga with two of their teachers, Pepa Nogués (their Catalán teacher) and Ana Estopiñá (one of their English teachers), for the competition. 
Ana Tarzán, Tessa Leiva and Lorena Mircea participated in English and Roser Aragonés, Anna Samper and Romina Gómez participated in Catalán. 
The girls really enjoyed the experience and felt very happy for representing their school in the competetion. 

Thanks to all the members of the English Department (Iñaki, Mary, Silvia, Adriana y Ana) for your help in the training and support!!!